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 Little Tops Children - Babies aged 3 months to 2 years with a 1:3 ratio.

 Babies have the space to move and explore in their environment both inside and out, and are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their senses and further their development through the Early Years Foundation Stage. Your baby’s Key Person will begin to make a secure attachment with your baby in order to help them settle into their new surroundings, which enables the Key Person to observe your baby’s interests and plan activities accordingly  to meet your baby’s individual needs.

Physical movements develop very rapidly, and within the room, where the babies have the space to move and explore in a safe environment. Outside there are even more ways for them to explore and move. Daily singing, storytelling and constant verbal communication aids the development of speech and language skills as the children learn to understand the importance of expressing their wants and needs. 

Within the room your baby’s emotional needs are continuously met. There is a separate sleep room within the room and this is monitored while the babies sleep. Each baby is an individual and we work with you by following your baby’s routine.

When your baby starts with us, bottles, teats and milk will be purchased and labeled along with cot bedding and blankets. If you are breastfeeding we can freeze the milk or store it on a daily basis. We follow your lead on weaning and will not introduce anything that you haven’t already tried at home.

Toddlers aged 1-2 years with a 1:3 ratio

These children are our walkers and crawlers who love to explore and investigate their surroundings. A wide range of activities are provided on a daily basis to help support your child’s development within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Your child’s Key Person will build a secure attachment with your child and record their interests.  These will be built into the activities provided in order to aid your child’s development.

Milk can be provided if needed along with nappies. We follow your child’s sleep routines or your child can sleep at the same time as everyone else after lunch during quiet time.

Outside the Little Tops are able to explore a wide range of activities and have even more room to move and play. Social skills are beginning to form and during the day you child will be given a wide range of  opportunities to develop these. Language skills and physical skills are also developed on a daily basis through singing, rhymes and stories and by having the space to move and explore.


Big Tops - The Big Top room caters for children age 2-3 with a ratio of 1:4 and 3-4's with a ratio of 1:8.  The Big Top children are cared for on the first floor of the nursery.  They are now in the stage of development where they are increasingly independent, are able to select and access their own activities, build friendships and interests, and enjoy lots of gross motor skills such as running, climbing and balancing.  The Big Top children continue to work within the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Good communication and language skills are developing further.  Children will develop their knowledge and skills in other areas such as ICT, life cycles, math, and learn how to give meaning to their marks and craft.

Outside, the Big Top children have space to run and explore.  With access to a large area of artificial grass, safety surface, bark and natural materials, the children can use their energy to play in the sandpit, on the climbing equipment and bikes as well as the usual everyday activities outside to extend their learning.  Children can also have the opportunity to watch things grow in our raised planting beds.

Children who are over 3 will usually move on to your local school or school nursery from this room, so we encourage the skills that these environments may require of them.  Children will be encouraged to sit for a slightly longer period of time at group story, therefore longer books will be read and children will be shown the importance of sharing and turn taking through games and small group work.  We hope that the children will leave us as well mannered, independent little learners that are keen and eager to develop their skills further.

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